1972 Born in Chongqing,China
1996 Graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts,China
1996-now Teach at Guangdong Teachers College of Foreign Language and Arts,China
Currently lives and works in Guangzhou,China

Solo Exhibitions
2005  “Open  studio,Liu Qing Yuan work exhibition”  (Guangdong museum of Art, P.R.China) ,
2003  “Woodcut Document”, individual exhibition, held in Xue’er You Bookshop, Guangzhou
2001 “Fragmented Life in a Period”, individual exhibition, held in Shenzhen, Zengcheng and Yangjiang
1999  “Woodcut of Liu Qingyuan”(Libreria BORGES, P.R.China)

Group Exhibitions
2007  “GO!GO!GO!-The second Guangdong Contemorary Art of Youth ” Guangdong Museum of Art., Guangdong, P.R.China
2006  The 5th International Printmaking Festival-Evora 2006  (Portugal)
2006  The Global Matrix II competition  (Purdue University Galleries)
2006  “Exhibition of Fine Arts of GuangDong Province” (Guangdong Museum of Art, P.R.China)
2006  invited artist to “One Cut One Look”, Contemporary Woodcut Exhibition held in Guangzhou
2005  “In China, Graphic Design in China” Visual Art Exhibition, Shenzhen
2005  1st Guangdong Ecological Documents in Contemporary Art Exhibition, He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen
2004  “OPEN ATTITUDE---The First Art Exhibition by Gnangdong Young Generation” (Guangdong Museum of Art, P.R.China)
2004  “The 10th National Exhibition ofArts,China 2004” (China Art Museum, P.R.China)
2003  “La Biennale intemationale d’estamope contemporaine de Trois---Rivieres”(Canada)
2003  “PEOPLE AND PEOPLE---Chinese Modern and Contemporary Art Collections of Guangdong Museum of Art”(Guangdong Museum of Art, P.R.China)
2003  “LIVING CONDITIONS---Selections from The Gdma Collection of Contemporary Chinese Art”(Guangdong Museum of Art, P.R.China)
2003  “ 1>10” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Guangzhou
2003  Microwave Contemporary Art Exhibition, Guangzhou
2003  “A collection of The Exhibition of 16th National Print-making” (China Art Museum, P.R.China)
2003 “2003 Exhibition of Gangdong Printmaking” (Guangdong Museum of Art, P.R.China)
2002 “Print Exhibition of Guangdong,2002”(The He Xiangnin Museum of Art, P.R.China)
2002  Nominated Young Engraving Artist Exhibition, Guangzhou
2002  Sino-Japan Engraving Artists Exchange Exhibition, Xi’an
2001  “A collection of The Exhibition of 15th National Print-making” (Guangdong Museum of Art, P.R.China)
2000 “The post- generation·A new century”(Guangdong Museum of Art,Guangdong, P.R.China)
1998 “1998 Exhibition of Gangdong Printmaking” (Guangdong Museum of Art, P.R.China)

Many of Liu’s woodcut has been adapted into posters for various art films, independent music festivals and poetry readings.


Collection (收藏)
Liu’s work has been collected by Guangdong Art Museum, He Xiangning Art Museum(SZ), China Print Museum, British Woodcut Fund and various private collector


Publications (出版)
“FRAGMENT”, personal works, by Author Publishing House